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"I make Battle Cats content and Numberblocks content."
Gender: Male
Type: Unknown
Status: Active
Origin Of Country: "United Kingdom"

BattleCatsBasics is a user on Scratch. He makes content about Battle Cats and Numberblocks.

Why He's Astonishing

  1. He is very accepting of others, and will forgive quite easily.
  2. His projects contain variety within them.
  3. He is extremely patient and kind.
  4. His projects are also of good quality.
  5. He has a good sense of humour.
  6. He is very accepting of constructive criticism.


  • He has a YouTube channel, Mirahaze account, FANDOM account and DeviantArt account, all called ButterBlaziken230.
  • On YouTube he announced that he left the Numberblocks community.
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