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hey guys, it's luigifan53, and i've been doing some thinking about this wiki. and i've come to the conclusion that i don't think this wiki is exactly following the community guidelines, and the scratch team may ban editors here again because of that. i know this wiki is positive and the scratch team may be fine with that, but let me explain.
so something you're not allowed to do on scratch is gossip and talk about scratchers behind their backs. that's why CSW editors got banned. so what if the scratch team figures out about this wiki and takes it the wrong way? technically we're still talking about scratchers without them knowing. we're saying positive things about them, but it's still talking behind their backs.
there's also another BIG reason why this wiki may not be following scratch's guidelines, and it's the forbidden pages list. sure, some of it isn't saying that a user is bad or isn't even talking about a specific user, but for the rest, it's talking about scratchers without them knowing negatively. this is exactly why the scratch team banned CSW editors, so why should it be any different with the forbidden pages list?
so for those reasons, i think that this wiki, along with the remaining scratch reception wikis should be deleted. i've been worrying that the scratch team could find out about this wiki and ban me again because of it (even though i'm done with scratch reception wikis but still). think about it this way, would you rather have your scratch account, or this wiki? i know which one i'd chose, and i think i know what most editors here would, too.

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