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"Hello I'm a Scratcher who is autistic but somehow likes Bill Cipher and FNAF."
Gender: Male
Type: The one who likes remixing and crediting the original owners.
Status: Active
Origin Of Country: USA

Codeingit is a Scratcher who joined on December 22, 2018. He is a male Scratcher who likes to code, hence the name Codeingit. He is a nice Scratcher who can be seen answering questions and making projects, etc.

Why He's Astonishing

  1. He is rather mature, and does not false report projects that don't break the guidelines.
  2. He likes to make new friends on Scratch.
  3. He is a good friend to several users and does nice things for them, such as sharing projects about them.
  4. He is very active on his Scratch account.
  5. He helped Scratcher1049 feel better when he was upset.
  6. Unlike most Scratchers as of 2020, instead of getting trolled and angered by nearly everything, he keeps his cool and doesn't usually lash out.

Bad Quality

  1. He repeatedly added his page on the wiki which got him banned, and when he was unbanned he started putting his profile picture on the main page despite being told to stop.


  • BlueCappy91 is his friend in real-Life.
  • MinecraftPesky is his best friend on the internet.
  • He has a younger brother who has a scratch account named Codingitsbrother.
  • He has a cousin who has a Scratch account called Codeingit20.
  • He likes Bluey.
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