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"Aw, thank you!"
Gender: Female
Type: Artist
Status: Active
Origin Of Country: "United States"

deeki is an artistic scratcher that is hugely well-known. She makes art projects and animations. She's a great member to the community, with her altitudinous kind attitude and happy atmosphere.

Why She's Astonishing

  1. She is extremely kind, thankful, and humble. She thanks nearly everyone that sends her kind messages and helpful feedback.
  2. Her art is inspirational and superb.
  3. She's ultra active on Scratch.
  4. Her livelihood and fun-nature is positively contagious, and this makes others want to be at least a little like her.
  5. She gives great advice, and when asked a question she will inform the messenger as best as she can.
  6. She is all for equality, fairness, and overall kindness.
  7. She trusts her fans, and invites them to studios to send her feedback.
  8. She is just all around awesome and great.


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