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FreddyRemixes is a Scratcher who joined Scratch in June 2015. He is mainly known for his animations, specifically his VS animations.

Gender: Male
Type: Gaming-Related Animator
Status: Moved to TheFlyingMarioFR
Origin Of Country: United States

Why He's Astonishing

  1. His animations are really well made.
  2. He does research about both characters in his VS animations, rather than just having the character he prefers win.
  3. He cares about and interacts with his fanbase.
    • He typically follows everyone that follows him.
    • And on his last project, he commented about how good his fanbase is.
  4. He occasionally made games, which were pretty creative.
  5. His OCs are pretty well-made.
  6. He continues to show these qualities on his new account, TheFlyingMarioFR.
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