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Note: This is the first page on this wiki! This page was created by Pacsonic9000, the founder of this wiki, on July 17, 2019.

This is what Scratch is truly capable of. Behold, the most followed Scratcher of all time.
Gender: Male
Type: Popular Game Designer
Status: Active
Origin Of Country: United Kingdom

The user on Scratch known as Griffpatch is the most followed and in many peoples eyes possibly the most inspiring and advanced Scratcher of all time. He is a ' professional college-educated programmer who does Scratch in his spare time'. In his profile it states 'My day job involves java coding.', which has led many Scratchers to beleive that his abilities are equally as good on Scratch. He has been known for following the community guidelines to the letter and being a role model to new and experienced Scratchers across the globe. Griffpatch's first game, although being one of his simpliest, has topped views of 166655 and now has over 4000 hearts and stars because of status within the Scratch website.

Why He's Astonishing

  1. His games are really extensive for scratch projects as they are either good recreations or cool original games including:
    • Paper Minecraft, which have not been seen before on Scratch in this good quality and is currently the top viewed project on Scratch with views currently soaring high (live view api coming soon for this projects stats which will be provided by @CoverMusic).
    • Scratchnapped which is a nice 2D side-scrolling platformer that feels like it was made on a more advanced engine.
    • His multiple ports of old games which are pretty accurate.[1]
  2. He has a 2nd account under the name Griffpatch_tutor where he shares examples and closely links with his YouTube Channel where he not only shows his upcoming games in action but also gives tutorials and teaches on how to create multiplayer games, platforming physics and more! Unlike other channels and accounts he makes these simple to understand and allows you to do the work for what you want to create yourself without giving you the code directly.
  3. Many Scratchers enjoy his projects, and he is valued by the Scratch community as a major part of there Scratch lives.
  4. He, although very talented, is modest and considerate on some occasions giving helpful feedback and loving (and saving) other Scratchers.
  5. Unlike many of the modern-era famous Scratchers, he does not boast about his fame and just releases projects for the fun of doing so, not for fame or popularity.
  6. His games are fun to play.
  7. He is a very respectful person who doesn’t jump to conclusions.


  • This is the first page on this wiki.
  • According to his About Me, he's been programming since he was a kid..[2]
  • His MMO platformer project is infested with hackers, so he temporarily took it down to fix it.[3]


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