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I'm Batman!...And @Hobson-TV-test
Gender: Male
Type: Game designer and animator
Status: Possibly active

Hobson-TV is a popular Scratcher who joined Scratch in April 2014.

Why He's Astonishing

  1. He makes games that that can be similar in complexity to Griffpatch's; often deemed impossible to create on Scratch.
  2. His games are really fun and well-made.
  3. He makes comedy animations that are funny and well-loved by the community.
  4. His 20,000 follower project is creative.
  5. He has a webcomic known as The Jenkins that is pretty funny.[1]
  6. He has over 279 different unique projects, that vary in size and quality. This variety gives merit to the scratcher's status.
  7. His projects are not just games, there is more, like animations and others. Again, variety.
  8. This scratcher is active and works really hard to make great projects; dedication.


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