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"I'm MinecraftPesky's Newest Account! since October 15, 2020"
Gender: Male
Type: Vector Artist
Status: Active
Origin Of Country: "Australia"

HyperSour is an Australian scratcher that was created in September 12th and moved in October 15th, This is a future account of MinecraftPesky who he likes to make Animations, Videos and others.


Pre / Before October 15, 2020

In July 14, 2020, the user MinecraftPesky announced that he will be moving to HyperHunter with his project, it was expected to be created by next year, but in September 12, 2020, one of the people uses that name to make this future name taken, and then in the same day, MinecraftPesky changed his future scratch name to HyperSour, made the account early, and changed the moving from January 1st 2021 to October 15th 2020.

October 15th, 2020 - Present (Now)

After MinecraftPesky moves to HyperSour, he will be making Animations, Vector Sprites and Videos whatever he likes and share it a day later or maybe, then laterly, Others too, and soonly, he creates many social media accounts besides Scratch, and his website will be coming soon.

Why He's Astonishing

  1. Like MinecraftPesky, Most of the projects are very good and decent.
  2. His Vector Sprites projects are like the MinecraftPesky version with good improvements to make it more faithful to the source material more.
  3. Many of the projects got many good/popular views, Like the most popular one, the Welcome Project.
  4. Speaking of that, His Welcome Project is very creative and nice like MinecraftPesky's version.
  5. His Profile Picture looks nice and creative.
  6. His New OCs look creative and decent.
  7. His animation work (including the one in his welcome project) is decent.
  8. He makes many good audio projects as well.
  9. His animation meme projects like Christmas Machine is well made, creative and it puts a lot of effort to this work.
  10. His templates like the Home Alone poster template are well-made and faithful.
  11. In January 10th, 2021, he will allow any requests again. (except Vector Sprites, see below)

Bad Qualities

  1. Unlike MinecraftPesky, TheSpiderFoundation, & other good vector sprite users, he doesn't accept any vector sprite requests since November 2020.
  2. While his animation work still being good, it may get choppy at times.
  3. By April 30th, 2021, he is going to retire his scratch account for two, five or ten years.


  • HyperSour was originally going to have a new Bluey-Related account called HyperBluey but it was laterly cancelled.
  • He is the first scratcher to have many social media accounts like Tumblr and Facebook.
  • His Youtuber channel was originally going to be created next year, but in October 27th, 2020, he decided to create one.
  • He usual makes projects once every Monday and Friday for a week to avoid Project Farming.
  • His profile icon is the same one as MinecraftPesky's one but the differences is the name is changed.
  • Like MinecraftPesky, He really likes Uglydolls, Bluey (His Most favorite kids shows), Captain Underpants, Kit n Kate, Yoyos, The Wiggles, Suicide Squad (2016) and more.
  • His Welcome has many event themes like the Halloween and Christmas.
  • Like MinecraftPesky and Codeingit, He was an Autistic Scratcher.
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