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Get ready fighters, go for it man!
Gender: Male
Type: Fighting Game Fan and Creator
Status: Inactive
Origin Of Country: "Hong Kong"

JarvisTsui is a scratcher that likes fighting games and makes demos of them.

Why He's Astonishing

  1. His projects are pretty impressive.
  2. He recreated Street Fighter 2 albeit has some missing characters and long to load.
  3. He is pretty nice.
  4. Even if some of his projects are unfinished, they are playable, looks complete, and possibly leads to a finish project.
  5. He can accept criticism as he likes comments that are constructive.
  6. He is humble and modest.

Bad Quality

  1. He uses his real name which isn't allowed on Scratch.


  1. He is a fan of gundam and his icon shows it.
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