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With 684 projects and 148 followers, this user has certainly used their Noggin more than once.

JayeysBackup is a Brazilian Scratch user that joined in September 21th, 2020, but didn't make any projects until September 22th of the same year.

Why He's Astonishing

  1. His projects are like some kind of gallery piece: one is even better than another.
    • Even his joke projects fall under this trope.
  2. He barely uses the overused "Text to Speech" extension and when he does, it's usually an remix or for comedic effect.
  3. Some of his projects (mostly early ones) take advantage of Scratch's lesser used features, such as MaKey MaKey.
  4. Most of his joke projects, while they feel like they're trying too hard to be funny, can be enough to give you a fair amount of laughs.
  5. Clever running gags, like BorisERufusFanAgain being associated with Brazil and r/youngpeopleyoutube (as told in a Discord interview).
  6. His vector sprites, while not the best, are enough for you to say that they are decent.
  7. Heck, even his parodies mocking Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Vyond manage to be funny, even when they look like a 4-year-old's MS Paint drawing.
  8. While mostly being considered a bad and potentially weird trend, most of his remixes for "Remix and Ruin" projects can be considered more of a silly parody rather than an insult.
  9. Recently, he's getting more into Rhythm Heaven (something that he has abandoned for a long while starting here and continuing here)
  10. Even his logo concepts manage to be good, despite being mostly considered a dead trend nowadays.
  11. His itch.io games, while short, are fun.
  12. He has been improving his projects a lot more, as he puts more work and dedication into them.
  13. Two words: surrounding awareness. He's aware of who's following him and who's seeing his projects.
  14. Even though he's still only 11 years old, he actually acts like he's older, based on the context of his projects and how he replies to others. Talk about progress.

Bad Qualities

  1. His Lucario jokes start to get old after some time. Even him knows that.
    • Same goes with Homestar Runner.
  2. He is homophobic, as shown in a comment on one of RadioBuster's projects.
  3. His YouTube is mostly just reuploads of his Scratch projects.
  4. Being a young kid with a short attention span, he can barely take criticism and blames it on others.
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