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"You may know me as 'The Scratch News Guy'."
Gender: Male
Type: Writer


Date Joined: June 7, 2018
Status: Inactive
Origin Of Country: Australia (likely)

Kittenslikefood (frequently abbreviated to KLF, also known as the Scratch News guy) is a popular Australian Scratcher, known primarily for his Scratch News series that went viral on Scratch from 2018 to 2019. Having joined Scratch in June 2018, he has amassed over 900 followers and has received over 3,000 loves on his projects.

Why He's Astonishing

  1. For his Scratch News series, he interviewed several high-profile famous Scratchers, including TNTSquirrel, Dhilly, Will Wam, WazzoTV, Ceebee and more.
  2. His projects have been front-paged 14 times, excluding for the SDS. This includes having his projects as 'top loved' seven times and four front-page curations. Also, all of these were between August and November 2018.
  3. He was the most-curated Scratcher in the latter half of 2018.
  4. He re-popularised the scratch news and interview phenomena.
  5. His interviews, along with those of Deathstriding (who has admitted that kittenslikefood was his inspiration), are thought to have indirectly spawned the Scratch interview crisis of 2019-20, in which Scratchers spammed famous users with requests for interviews until it became a nuisance, leading to the aforementioned crisis.


  • In projects he has admitted to living in Adelaide, Australia, but his profile currently states he lives in Antarctica.
  • He formerly owned a cat, Buddy, who was around fifteen years old at the time of his death in 2018.
  • His Scratch News series ran for seventeen issues, but is currently on an indefinite hiatus.
  • He was been known to be a big fan of the "Cencorship"[1] series by @65014712 before their deactivation.[2]


  1. Please note: This is an intentional misspelling, as "Cencorship" is the name of the series on Scratch which he seems to be a big fan of.
  2. (404 error as he has deactivated)
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