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Gender: Male
Type: Animator
Date Joined: April 15, 2017 (as Dyaboy)

2020 (as NostalgiaSquare)

Status: Active
Origin Of Country: United States

NostalgiaSquare is a Scratcher and franchise. They first joined Scratch as Dyaboy on April 15, 2017, though his account was later deleted. He returned as NostalgiaSquare during 2020. He is best known for creating the comedy-drama, science fiction, action-adventure web series of the same name (which was known as Dyaboy until its return in 2020). A reboot titled The Brand New Adventures of NostalgiaSquare was released on February 4, 2023.[1] A new series titled Cat Kingdom is intended to be released later in 2023.

Good Qualities

Why He's Astonishing

  1. He can often be hilarious.
  2. He has been a lot better since he returned in 2020.
  3. He is a very nice and kind-hearted user in general and cares about others.
  4. He rarely lashes out on people.
  5. He is fond of bringing back classic characters from the old era of his Scratch career, such as Darwin Watterson and Cuphead (who all haven't made major appearances since 2018 and made a comeback as supporting characters)

Why the Series Is Astonishing

  1. Lots of likable and memorable characters:
    1. NostalgiaSquare (except in 2018)
    2. Scratch Cat
    3. Green Square (depending on your view)
    4. Stupid Cat
    5. Molly
    6. Peachy
    7. Tori
    8. Taco Wizzard
    9. B-Side Dyaboy
    10. DarkHead
    11. NostalgiaGirl
    12. Evil NostalgiaSquare
    13. NostalgiaSquareBross
    14. Sidney
    15. Cool Blue
    16. Red Circle
    17. StarBoy
    18. Classic Bully
    19. Classic Bully 2
    20. Quadwheel
    21. Chimney Boy
    22. Cuphead
    23. Mugman
    24. Chimney Girl
    25. Fallen Star

Bad Qualities


  1. Both NostalgiaSquare himself and the series went downhill in 2018, though improved in 2019 and became good again in 2020. It also has somewhat gone downhill in 2022, though is still mainly good. It is also worth noting that 2019 and 2020 had very few episodes (and eventually became lost media), although it is justified since NostalgiaSquare's account was banned at the time.
  2. The name of his account and the series is somewhat misleading as the projects/webisodes are not really focused on nostalgia nowadays, even if there were previously nostalgia projects or at least projects that were nostalgic to people.
  3. He formerly used Vyond trends for his videos, however this seems to have decreased.


  1. He disrespects and bashes opinions, although he more or less stopped in 2020.
  2. He used the F word in one of his projects, which is not only inappropriate, but it violates the community guidelines. Thankfully, it was deleted.


  1. There are some bad or mediocre webisodes.
  2. Several unlikable and underutilized characters:
    1. mh:loathsomecharacters:Flanderization is common in the series, especially in 2018 and 2022, although most of the time it finds a way to get out of it.
    2. The franchise has a habit of throwing down the classic major characters in the sidelines (most especially NostalgiaGirl, Stupid Cat and Cool Blue) due to the mass amount of new characters being introduced starting with 2023, although the only major characters to still get attention include NostalgiaSquare, Evil NostalgiaSquare, Scratch Cat, Green Square and Sidney.
  3. Considering the colossal number of characters in the franchise, the characters tend to be demoted to extra, out of focus, or thrown under the bus.
  4. The voice acting can be annoying at times, especially in the infamous 2018 era.
  5. It can overuse pop culture references at times.
  6. "NS Is Cancelled" ended the series on a sour note.Template:Citation needed

Notable good or decent webisodes

  1. "NostalgiaSquare's Talent Show!"[2]
  2. "The B-Side Short"[3]
  3. " Antics"[4]
  4. "DyaboyGroove"[5]


  • The day he joined Scratch used to be a mystery. On the website, he is stated to join on December 25, 2017. A few 2019 private videos state he joined September 2017, and a few Fandom posts claim he joined on March 2017. However, it was officially stated he joined Scratch on April 15, 2017.
  • Prior to first appearing on the show in 2020, Green Square used to be on the TikTok account offbrand_square.
  • NostalgiaSquare, Green Square, and Scratch Cat appear in the YouTube video, The OG Scratchers Watch A Cursed Nick Jr VHS alongside other scratchers, which include Jacob630/Bronolie2 (in dinosaur form), Luna Horse, ScratchU8, CutieTori, Griffpatch, De, and sonicandmlplegnd99.[6] It later became a Scratch project after the day it was released on YouTube.
  • He is one of the few Scratchers to have a YouTube account.



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