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Gender: Male
Type: Video Game Related Animator
Status: Inactive
Origin Of Country: United States

ScratchU8 (now known as 74SonicMario) was a popular Scratcher that joined Scratch on August 2009. He is mostly known for his gaming-related animations and his OC, ScratchU8.

Why He's Astonishing

  1. His animations are funny and hilarious.
  2. His OC, being ScratchU8, is really well-made.
    • He was originally just a Mario recolour, but he was later redesigned a bit to make him different from Mario.
    • His backstory is really well made and pretty tragic.
  3. He also created games, which were pretty fun.
  4. He made a resource pack for Minecraft in 2014 that included references to his projects.


  1. He has a Twitter account, as well as a second account on Scratch.
  2. He made a project titled "ScratchU8 Generations" for his 5th year anniversary on Scratch.
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