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"He's TPRisesAgain and He Rise again better than ever."
Gender: Male
Type: Scratch Reception Wikis Revolutionary Member, Well known Miraheze (Scratch Reception Wiki) Member, Nostalgia and innovation combiner, etc.
Date Joined: February 16, 2020
Status: Active on Scratch, semi-retired on Mirahaze “
Origin Of Country: United States, same as all the other scratch accounts made by him, though not all

TPRisesAgain is a Circleyverse scratcher that was created on February 16, 2020. The account was a direct successor of TwilightPonyRises and spearheaded a new age called the Circleyverse Renaissance. He has other accounts, including the famed Miraheze account, CircleyDoesExtracter. This account was labeled as Gen P10 Account and Gen P10.2. This account breaks the classic Circleyverse Account architecture, as older accounts have Gen X.0. Today, it is considered one of the best accounts Circleyverse ever made due to saving his scratch career and making the famous RCSW that defined a new-gen for Scratch Reception Wikis.


Before TPRisesAgain

On January 20, 2014, Beat Up Applejack was shared by PacManEater. The project became controversial but made the foundations for a new account. On March 5, 2014, TwilightPony123 was created. The account (TP123) created Barney Error, which is an absolute, unmitigated success with over 18 thousand views by Mid 2020. Over a month later, he moved to TwilightPonyRises.


On February 16, 2020, TPRisesAgain was created to restart his Scratch Career, after BlueyTheCircley, his former main account nearly sank his Scratch Career. His only successful project before Circleyverse Renaissance is BlueTheCircley Error Part 1, and Barney Error 27. They got over 35 views. Even then, it is still not as successful as before. He develops some projects that were rarely announced. Before April, the account is considered the ending point of his Scratch career. On April 15, 2020, he created his Miraheze account called "CircleyDoesExtracter". The Miraheze account didn't initially get a lot of fame. He created some pages of his old accounts. The community starts to notices that a new user joined the party. When he is looking up Newhungrymosquito's projects, one of the projects caught his attention. jdesnoyers hosts the "I'll draw your OC!". He gives it a shot and jdesnoyers remixed it. It became a moment where he starts to get fame from the Scratch Reception Wikis Community. He then makes a series called "A Dino's Life". The series received favorable reviews, including the creator of Dino Learns To Program, JoeBacal. He makes more A Dino's Life episodes. On May 11, 2020, the screenshot of his view count on ScratchStats says "404 views". He gets more active in the Scratch Reception Wikis Community. On May 13, 2020. He is invited to a new game called Toxic. He gained inspiration to make a sequel called "Toxic Retaliation". The game received praise. It became trended due to high views in a short time. On May 21, 2020, a miracle will happen, he starts a new wiki called "Reverse Crummy Scratchers Wiki". The wiki is about reversing crummy to astonishing. The wiki became a groundbreaking success, much like the Gen 6 accounts. The wiki trended in its first days. Because of this, he became more significant. He gets more followers from the Scratch Reception Wikis Community. It ends the 5-year dark age, and enters a new revival era called "Circleyverse Renaissance". On May 23, 2020, he shared Poison the side-scrolling speedrun platformer. The platformer was popular among Scratchers, with almost over 50 views in just 2 days from release. On May 25, 2020, he changed his profile picture and added the thumbnail to this very website. On May 25, 2020, his project view total on this account amounted to 910 views. However, in May 29th, he’d be banned for his participation on the Crummy Scratchers Wiki. On May 30, 2020, He got a message saying "The Scratch website is full of users of various ages and background, including young children, parents, and teachers. We want to Scratch website to be a safe and friendly educational resource for others to learn about programming. But that's hard to do if users are being disrespectful, and that includes taking advantage of another website to be disrespectful to another user. For us, the parents who use the website with their children, and the educators who use the website with their students, it doesn't make sense to allow users on the website who are known to use another service to attack the Scratch online community. Even worse is that when search engines such as Google or Bing index that information, copies of the bad stuff posted on the wiki can last online for a long time and continue to do damage." On July 10, 2020, TPRisesAgain was officially “ outdated “ to him, and he decided the account would no longer be used when he was unbanned. However, he quickly revoked his decision .

From August 2020, he didn’t receive as much attention as he did prior, resulting in his self-esteem going further downhill. On September 16th, 2020, he was unbanned, and eventually recovered his self esteem.

Why He's Astonishing

Generation P10, and 11

  1. He brings back the charm TwilightPonyRises had.
  2. He barely project farms. When he does, the projects are still of decent-quality.
  3. His account is a perfect blend between Nostalgia “TwilightPonies”, and innovation “ExtracterGames”.
    • Some characters such as Yellow Cube have their face restored.
  4. Almost all the great characters from ScratchOffine to the most recent (Hrammer) have been brought back by him.
  5. He is a very nice, kind, and matured scratcher. He is friendly to people greeting him.
  6. His OCs look very cute, like Hrammer.
  7. He doesn’t underuse Sun & Cloud and the other classic OCs he had.
  8. He made a wiki about the Circleyverse (his scratch universe), which is really interesting.
    • He also made well-made icons for some Mirahaze wikis. [1]
    • To step up things further, his discord server was fairly decent to use, before February 2021. [2]

Generation P10

  1. His show on Scratch, A Dino’s Life, is very informative.
  2. He creates good projects and games, such as Toxic Clicker, a unique click-game with a level system.
  3. He created a second Golden Age, known as the “Circleyverse Renaissance”, due to his popularity on Miraheze, and Scratch Reception Wikis.
  4. His character errors are interactive, which some character errors don’t have.
  5. His profile picture has nice references to his older accounts.
  6. His remixed game, Circley Arrow Dodge, was a big improvement over the original game made by someone else, as it has cleaner scripts, mobile controls, money to pay for characters, music, and power.[3]
  7. He created the new banner of fame for the wiki, which looks very nice. [4]

Bad Qualities

Generation P10, and 11

  1. He used to care a lot about popularity and fame, despite Scratch not being about that.
    • It became even more of an issue in Generation 11 until September 25, 2020 as the profile now records followers, and views.
    • On September 25, 2020, It is replaced with a scratchstats, and not recording followers, and views.
  2. He's made many Scratch accounts before this one, which isn't very necessary.

Generation P10

  1. He occasionally makes character errors, which is kinda old nowadays, but a unique feature is that it is interactive. So it's not too bad.
  2. Most ( if not all ) of his former wikis have some sort of advertisement of this account in some form or shape.

Generation 10

  1. He started to get angry and became depressed after being temporarily banned from Scratch, which became more noticeable as time goes on. The depression is starting to hurt him even more, resulting in breaks.
    • The depression went so bad that it is transferred to real life, resulting in issues.
  2. He sent over 30 messages to the Scratch Team asking for his Scratch account to be unbanned, which is very unnecessary.


  1. CircleyDoesExtracter ranks this account fourth out of the 10 main scratch accounts.
  2. He is inspired to continue the identity of TwilightPony after looking at his other TwilightPony accounts and their amounts of followers.
  3. He was an active SRW member, being called CircleyDoesExtracter on Miraheze. However, he has semi-retired since then, and only appears on Mirahaze very infrequently.
    • He also thinks that this account “ saved “ his scratch career.
  4. This account was created to restart his scratch career, because his former main scratch account, "BlueyTheCircley" didn’t have enough followers for him to remain motivated. If he didn’t move account and instead left scratch, then CircleyDoesExtracter wouldn't have ever edited here.
  5. He also had a studio for the SRW (Scratch Reception Wikis), which was taken down by the Scratch Team just before TPRisesAgain and the other main staff and contributors of CSW were banned. [5]
  6. This is the fourth account made by CircleyDoesExtracter to get banned, the last one was FriesChicken in September 2013.



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