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I create games and other fun things in various styles for you to enjoy!
Gender: Male
Type: Friendly Game Creator
Status: Semi-Active
Origin Of Country: United Kingdom

ToadfanSchool is a popular game creator that joined Scratch in February 2017. As of December 2023, he has more than 19,550 followers.

Why He's Astonishing

  1. He creates games that are fun and unique, rather than things like Generic Platformers.
  2. His games feature different characters that have fun ways to unlock them and reference things like characters from video games and other media.
    • The skins in his games also fit the game's theme. For example, one of his games titled "F̳A̳S̳T̳ F̳O̳O̳D̳" features unlockable characters like Kirby and Yoshi.
  3. His pixel artstyle is very impressive.
  4. His games feature neat easter eggs that sometimes unlock secret characters.
  5. He cares about and interacts with his fans.
  6. He recreated Flipnote Studio in Scratch.
  7. The music and sound effects that he uses for his games are pretty decent.


  1. Luigifan53, the person who made this page, is actually one of ToadfanSchool's first 100 followers.
    • His alt account is actually Toadfan's 100th follower.
  2. He also makes games with Unity.
  3. He has at one point created a mobile app on the App Store.
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