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MirahezeGDPR 5752b2fa22d79a1f20b60296e9c2fa88 (talkcontribs)

I’m starting to lose a bit of interest on the SRW and Circleyverse wikis due to CircleyDoesExtracter being inactive. Don’t worry, once CDE becomes active again I will resume being completely active.

Please don’t demote me from admin again, just like Luigifan53 telling people to not demote him from admin.

Also, I’m using the term Scratch Reception Wiki to also refer to reception wikis owned by members of the SRWs, such as Unfavorable Wikis and Users (ScratchCoder), Amazing YouTubers (Pacsonic9000), Reverse Unfavorable Wikis and Users (CircleyDoesExtracter), and First Class Restaurants and Foods (PowerDagger15, formerly BadBrakes), not just the 3 surviving ones that are about Scratch.

CircleyDoesExtracter (talkcontribs)

Good thing... good thing!

At least I am almost fully active.