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SquirtSquirtle (talkcontribs)

Nowhere in the Netpedia rules does it say that swearing is forbidden. And that's all fine and dandy for most wikis. Except for here. Scratch Team doesn't particularly like the idea of their website and swearing mixing together, so I believe swearing should be forbidden on this wiki as a precautionary measure.

Tali64³ (talkcontribs)

#5 in the content guidelines already discourages the use of profanity in content articles to maintain some sense of formality; prohibiting profanity in comments on this wiki is definitely something that can be done, though it doesn't necessarily need to be a written rule.

SquirtSquirtle (talkcontribs)

Yes, I think it’d be good if on this wiki comments containing inappropriate language were forbidden, again as a precautionary measure since Scratch Team probably wouldn’t like it.