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Hello There, I'm True, Welcome to my Profile!
Gender: Female
Type: Artist and Animator
Status: Inactive
Origin Of Country: United States

Truelovewaits is a Scratcher who joined Scratch in June 2009. She has known for her animations as well as her art.

Why She's Astonishing

  1. Her art is pretty amazing.
  2. Her animations are pretty fluid, such as this one which got featured on Scratch's home page.
  3. She gets along well with her fans.
  4. She's always improving her art skills.
  5. Although she isn't very active anymore, she still uploads projects every now and then.
  6. She makes art tutorials that are pretty useful.
  7. Her projects are creative and it shows in her projects often.
  8. She is very accepting of others.


  1. She also does art outside of Scratch.
  2. She has over 348 different projects.
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