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Gender: Male
Type: Popular User
Status: Active
Origin Of Country: USA

Twin138956Scratch is a Scratcher who joined on August 3rd, 2016. He is known for having the second most projects on a Scratch account.

Why He's Astonishing

  1. He's generally nice to his friends.
  2. His welcome projects are pretty good.
  3. He's very active on Scratch.
  4. His icons are very original and unique, besides an ipzy profile picture.
  5. His Add Yourself projects are sometimes well-made.
  6. He respects people's opinions, and encourages people to do so as well.
  7. His Human 2.0 OC is well-made.
  8. When he gets banned or gets alerts, he responds quickly.
    • The first time was when he was banned on August 20, 2017, and he promised to be nice in the future.
    • The second time was when he, along with jacob630, got a lot of false alerts from peanutfacesisback. After jacob630 contacted, the Scratch Team sided with him and peanutfacesisback got terminated.
    • The third time was when he got an alert for using manager chat, so he removed the manager chat and replaced it with a message saying "Manager Chat is removed because Twin got an alert".
  9. After he discovered that wanting his projects to get featured was a form of inappropriately advertising, he removed "GET THIS FRONT PAGED!" from his What I'm Working On section.
  10. His projects are very decent, excluding the Number Evolution projects that he stopped after he discovered a petition to stop them.
  11. He makes very good Add Yourself projects.
  12. He now knows that Scratch is about creativity instead of popularity or fame, as he started to create less projects intended for popularity.

Bad Qualities

  1. Project farming was very significant in 2019, when he created over 4,800 projects.
  2. He created several projects with the intention of getting it popular, which are obviously bad things.
    • The projects include a generic platformer with abysmal difficulty, multiple celebration projects, and a birthstone project.
  3. Before he got unblocked from Scratch, he acted immature on YouTube by being a normal Vyonder.


  1. Part of his username came from his brother (ScratchTeen9300), because him and his brother are twins.
  2. He is the first Scratcher to have a single account be on both the now-deleted Crummy Scratchers Wiki and the Astonishing Scratchers Wiki.
  3. He faced a block for 9 days on August 20, 2017, which was the only time he got blocked on Scratch.
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