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"Welcome to the Official BlakeIsHere Scratch!"
Gender: Male
Type: Improved Scratcher
Date Joined: January 3, 2019
Status: Semi-active
Origin Of Country: United Kingdom

Blake Ashton, known on Scratch as Blake_Ashton_Corp is a British Scratcher. They joined on January 3, 2019. They used to be bad, but improved in 2020.

Scratch career


Good Qualities

  1. He respects opinions and is a good user.
  2. He can make funny projects.
  3. His sprites are well done.

Bad Quailties

  1. He is currently semi-active.
  2. He was a bad Scratcher before 2020.
  3. They are possibly project farming as they make around 500 projects a year.
  4. His OC is somewhat bad.
  5. They have possibly been going downhill again since August 2020, as they started to support TF-Tyre.


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