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Hey there! I’m just your standard thirteen year old, I hang out with my mates but also have a hobby and dream career of being a singer songwriter and guitarist as well as enjoy all aspects within music. In my spare time I play guitar, bike and do walks. In my spare time I do a small amount of website developing as well as creating small businesses locally around where I live (which aren't usually very successful). My website is, chat to me there as well as here! I'm very interested in film making which also helps me with creating music videos for songs I publish on my website.

I tend to get a little bored just doing the same stuff on Scratch so wanted to help people by giving information here and on the official Scratch Wiki as well. I also hope you become Admin as well as there is so much I can bring to this site and so can you as well. I'm a big fan of modern pop music as well as listening to some less modern stuff like Queen and even older bands like the Beatles. My current idols in the music industry are Shawn Mendes and of course the amazing Ed Sheeran, who's wife has just given birth to there child. Hope you now know about me, have a great day!

To the right is a photo of my profile on Scratch taken in September 2020 - I had just reached 4k followers and had been rated the favourite Scratch musician of the year by a few people which was nice. You can find out more about me being an 'Astonishing Scratcher' on my article page on this wiki which was actually started off by me - oh well! One of my friends in real life gives me lots of inspiration for writing stuff on this wiki, check him out, his name is @cheeseybeanz.To be totally honest he's a total legend.