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TheLifeConqueror is and American Scatcher who makes animations & games, he has 1000+ followers and is the #2,387 mot followed on Scratch.
Gender: Male"
Type: Animator
Date Joined: 03/28/2020
Status: Active
Origin Of Country: United States

TheLifeConqueror is an American Scratcher who joined on March 28, 2020. He mostly makes animations, but barely any games.


Why He's Astonishing

  1. Many of his projects are well-made and are kind and funny.
    • His animations are kind and funny, but sadly none of them have gotten on the front page before yet.
    • He makes more animations than games
      • He doesn't make platformers often
  2. She saved OisinFan62 from being a hypocrite by commenting on OisinFan62's profile because she told him to take down the video he uploaded to YouTube.
  3. He used to do F4F, but stopped soon after and only accepts advertising sometimes.
  4. He is active on Scratch.
  5. His OC is similar to: sharkyshar
  6. He doesn't advertise anymore
  7. Every time you compliment him, he compliments you as well.
  8. He's always nice when chatting even when you're being mean to him
  9. He quit on making games and thought animations were better.
  10. His contests are well made since 2020.
  11. He doesn't have a Youtube Channel
  12. When he's active, he tries to make more projects.
  13. He does not project farm, He only makes around 1 project per week.
  14. He plays Badminton
  15. He only has 2 accounts on Scratch, which are: TheLifeConqueror & ToadyAnimations
  16. He plays Roblox
  17. He likes to Draw
  18. His name on Scratch is, "Toady."
  19. He has 3 sisters, which are: Mango587, Acrizzle05, and Babycham (who doesn't have an account)
  20. He doesn't like rude comments
  21. He accepts Fanart links
  22. He also accepts interviews
  23. He has 1000+ followers
  24. He hates the color Red

The Only Bad Quality

  1. His old projects include blood and severe violence
  2. It is said that he stole Sharkyshar's OC
  3. He used to advertise and ask for F4F
  4. He didn't give credit to people before

Trivia (Fun Facts)

  1. He plays Badminton
  2. He likes to play: Undertale, Five Nights At Freddy's, Piggy, Hello Neighbor, Among Us, etc.
  3. He is currently the #2,387 most followed on Scratch
  4. He watches Fgteev