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Hello, I am formerly "JayWaddington04", and currently "TheReturnOfJay" on Scratch, and "JayNFG" here. I am a big fan of Numberblocks, and since 2020, I am spreading my works across multiple websites, such as DeviantArt and YouTube.

I got blocked from Scratch in my "JayWaddington04" account because I assaulted and attacked a user called "ArtiTech" for reporting my FNAF fangames, which is a big shame because my projects from between 2018 - 2019 are really nostalgic to people who saw me on Scratch at these times. But as of now, me and ArtiTech are doing just fine, since we forgave eachother.

I also have a few scratch pals too, such as "jl718120", "cs458468", "JacksonGExtras" and "Numberblock4Fan".

I temporarily fell out with "jl718120" for a while because he was apparently at war with other Numberblocks fans as a joke. We forgave soon after though, which is good to hear.

Anyways, here are some pages I would like to see here.

Pages I might add on this wiki

  • JayWaddington04 - My first account of mine to be popular. It lasted for 2 years and 5 months after it was blocked due to a small incident. The account is still there though, which is a good thing.
  • cs458468 - He is actually pretty good at drawing sprites, especially Numberblock ones.

Fun Facts about my Scratch

  • I made my first main Scratch account on November 2016, but I didn't post a project there until April 2017.
  • My second main account is my most well-known one, "JayWaddington04", created somewhere in 2017. I no longer use the account, as the PC that the account is in has to be thrown away because it was too old. I got blocked because I assaulted and attacked a user called "ArtiTech" for reporting my FNAF fangame, "One Night at Numberblocks 3". I went to Gmail and told the Scratch team I had anger issues and that I should learn to control it.
  • My third, and current main account is "TheReturnOfJay", created practically at the end of 2019. Nothing wrong is happening in this account. (besides "Numbablocy" death-threatening me.)
  • For an EXTREMELY short amount of time, I changed my profile picture to a GIF of George's jumpscare from the first JOLLY game. I changed it back instantly. George was my pfp for one minute.
  • You are at the bottom of this sandbox.