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The Bold Comedian.

I'll Add ReddyComedian and NeptunePerson2018 to The Wiki.


The Bold Comedian
Gender: Male
Type: Hypocrisy Revealer
Origin Of Country: "America"

ReddyComedian is A Now Blocked (He Was Blocked by Rebecca's White Knights) American Scratcher. He's known for standing up Aganst Rebecca Spark's fake shows.

Why He's Astonishing

  1. He stood up Aganst Rebecca Spark and Her white knights.
  2. His "Remix and Ruin" projects Look More funny than offence. Unlike most projects in the genre.
  3. He can Take His own Hatedom. Even though NeptunePerson2018 and Rainbowkid35 Took Action.
  4. He Even Called out Rebecca Spark and Her fake shows as Well.
  5. His Opinions Even Show the Hypocrisy of Rebecca's white Knights. As He hates the show Zuzubalândia and Yet They lashed on His Opinion (Even Though They Share a Similar Opinion. Heck, They've even gone as far as saying He Likes it. Which Is a Rumor.)
  6. He Can Respect Opinions as Well.
  7. He Even Found A Jumpscare project (Which was Supposed to be a Hate Project) funny. Meaning his Hatebase Does a Poor Job on Hating Him.

Poor Qualities

  1. His OC is Just a Dog from Disney's 101 Dalmatians.
  2. He Later Became one of Rebecca's followers.