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"Hello I like this because it haves cool stuff I'm a Fnaf fan :D and I like cool stuff

My Stats F4F ✅ Toxic Comments ❌ advertising✅

Gender: Unknown
Type: Person Who Likes to Remix and Credit the original Owner
Status: Active
Origin Of Country: USA

Codeingit is a Scratcher Who Join in December 22 2018. He Is a Male Scratcher Who Likes to Code Hence he name Codeingit. He is a Nice Scratcher who Can be Seen Answering Questions and Making Projects ,etc.

Why He's Astonishing

1. He Likes to Code Hence The Name Codeingit. 2. He Likes to Answer Questions on his Projects and Profile. 3. He Likes to Make Projects. 4. He Likes to Make Studios. 5. He Likes His Friend BlueCappy91. 6. He Likes His Other Friend MinecraftPesky. 7. He Likes to Act Nice.

Bad Qualities

1. He Does not Like Haters. 2. He Does not Like Thief's Stealing His Stuff. 3. He Can be Mean But Its not His Fault.


1. BlueCappy91 is His Friend in RealLife. 2. MinecraftPesky Is His Super best friend.