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Hi, I'm Luigifan53, welcome to my profile page!

What I Do Here

I don't edit on this wiki anymore. If you want to chat, I'm definitely still active on Scratch and Reddit, but I'm also editing on other Miraheze wikis as well.

Pages I've Created

  1. Hobson-TV
  2. FreddyRemixes
  3. ToadfanSchool
  4. scratchU8

Status (Inactive)

Status Description Current Rating?
Retired Completely inactive on this wiki. Won't be checking this wiki or making minor edits every now and then, just completely done. No
Inactive No longer active on this wiki, but will still occasionally visit this wiki and sometimes even do minor edits. Yes
Semi-Active Not doing edits very often, but is still interested in this wiki and will do edits from time to time. No
Active Will check out this wiki often, and will do edits regularly. Pretty simple rating. No
Unknown Debating if I should be active, inactive, retired, or semi-active. No