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Please ask me questions here, give constructive criticism, and say positive things (or give bad news). :)

LJorSomething (talkcontribs)
ButterBlaziken230 (talkcontribs)

Hi there :)

ButterBlaziken230 (talkcontribs)

Also, I couldn’t view the message you showed me. By the way, what do you think of my One Fandom page on the toxic fandoms and Hatedoms wiki?

WickyHoney (talkcontribs)

It's a pretty good page. Anyway, basically my message was about how I want to contact Cloudy again, but I am unsure how. I was thinking Discord, because he said he got an account. I don't have an account now, but I was thinking of getting one again. I was wondering if you could ask Cloudy if he'd be willing to talk to me again.

I also find your comics hilarious. Billy's face at the end of Assembly Required gets me laughing so much. :)

ButterBlaziken230 (talkcontribs)

Woah! You’re a Comedy Comics fan aswell? Cool! A lot of people are starting to notice it now and it makes me happy. Also, you should try contacting Cloudy as he’s suuuper nice now

ButterBlaziken230 (talkcontribs)

NOTE: Put on the forbidden pages that I, CosmicBloxxer, shouldn’t get a page. As for reasons, say the following things:

  1. He deactivated in July 2020 due to toxicity
  2. The only things he was well-known for were his NL Sprites and Numbershocks
  3. He was a Numbercommunity user
  4. He is mainly on FANDOM, Roblox and occasionally Miraheze now
WickyHoney (talkcontribs)

I did that, though I thought mentioning you that you were part of the Numbercommunity was redundant and unnecessary.

Also, how are you feeling right now?

ButterBlaziken230 (talkcontribs)

I’m feeling pretty good, actually. I heard you liked Comedy Comics, by the way. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that the fourth season is beginning.

ButterBlaziken230 (talkcontribs)

Also, the scratch user Polar_Bear2 should have a page. She was really friendly to me and also is a good artist.

ButterBlaziken230 (talkcontribs)

Hey, on the Incredible Users/Wikis Wiki, I have some things to say, however I can’t due to essentially being locked out of making any sort of contribution:

  • Vemsa tried to raid Encyclopaedia Drammatica? Jesus Christ! I used to be friends with that guy in 2019! Kinda ironic that the ScumBob Wiki has a page, since I think he owns it/has an important role in it. He also was quite mean to me at times, often rule-breaking on OSC and calling any attempts to get him blocked an overreaction or an exaggeration.
  • TSRITW needs to be a forbidden user. He’s literally had two global blocks on FANDOM and is currently serving his second. They were both for harassment. Even if this wiki has a negative version, I don’t want to give him a page as I’ve already ranted on him in a blog post I made on the Angry Birds Fanon Wiki. (If only I had already seen he’s already on there)
  • Can I have a page? Some good reasons could be that I make good Fanon content and that I was one of the main people who tried to make Numberlemon good again. Well, I have had a dodgy past with the OSC wiki and trying to close Numberlemon, so I suppose not.
  • Is there a negative version of this wiki? I love me some good rants.
ButterBlaziken230 (talkcontribs)

NOTE: A negative version of Incredible Users/Wikis, not this wiki. Otherwise that would just be crummy scratchers.

WickyHoney (talkcontribs)
ButterBlaziken230 (talkcontribs)

Here are some forbidden wikis that need to go on there:

  • Learningblocks Wiki - too many vandals and spammers mixed in with inactive admins. This turned the wiki into an actual warzone filled with schizophrenic underage’s posting nonsense everywhere.
  • Furby Voice Abuse Wiki - controversial and is owned by a user who is already not allowed to have a page, so that’s already not a good sign.
  • Angry Birds Fanon Wiki - I’ve been contributing there for about 5 months now and it’s honestly an alright wiki. Considering the wiki has been around since 2011, you would think a wiki of it’s kind would just die off. I plan to keep contributing there, actually. However, there’s often off-site drama and it desperately needs cleanup.
  • NumberFanagram Wiki - Same as Numberlemon.
  • NumberStairs Wiki - extremely poor wiki with almost no decent content.
  • NumberDecimals Wiki - the wiki is a step up from NumberStairs, but the wiki still sucks. Seriously, all of the character designs are crappy traderptionals!
WickyHoney (talkcontribs)

Well, new users are still able to create blogs on IWAUW, so you can create a blog there just to ask to be able to edit, as it’s what other new contributors are doing to gain access. Then after you can edit you can add those wikis to Hookuai’s blog post for suggesting forbidden pages. I will suggest these wikis for you if that doesn’t work. I hope that helps!

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